Just my Thoughts

Instant Gratification

Okay, I am finally willing to admit that this technology age has made us a society of instant gratification. I work for a company that provides web sites for a number of different reasons but mostly for political campaigns. The campaign cycle is over but really just starting for some. Also, there are states that are having run-offs so I realize sites are important to be up but there are parts of getting a web site online that are out of the control of the world. Also, there are parts of it that must be done by honest-to-God humans who do not live, eat and breathe work.

Unfortunately, in this world of see a clip of the movie you are going to tonight NOW, in this world of online dating sites with pics and such, in this world of I want it NOW, everyone thinks that everything involved with the internet is instant.

Let me clue you in … the internet is only as good as the people behind it. It is sort of like the old it wasn’t the computer that did it wrong but the wrong data was put in. Things are not instant. Even the internet relies on people. People are human. People take time to do most things.

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