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President Bush on Education

Okay, normally, I can sit and listen to the President speak without the urge to type. Unfortunately, I just heard a statement I could not stand. I will admit I am paraphrasing but the statement went something like:

….if you’ve got the skills to pass an AP test, you’re on your way. The education system has done its job.

Let’s start with the big problem in this statement. AP tests are not suppose to be the norm. AP tests are suppose to be for those who stretch, those who work extra hard, those who excel. I am not saying every student in the US should not attempt to excel. I am saying that APs should not be the norm. Being the mother of six children, I can tell you right now that not all children are capable of college level work in high school. Some are not necessarily capable of college level work in college at first but that is another blog.

Second, since when has it been the job of the public education system in the United States to educate to the level of colleges. I do believe there is room for improvement in the education system. But I don’t believe that the education system is meant to teach at a college level. When colleges started telling students that a four year degree would take four or five years, there is a problem in the preparation of students for college. This is not the signal for pushing the work down. This is a signal for making what is done to prepare for college different so the average student can survive college, do well and prosper.

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