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Common Core and Other Education Issues

When I was a school board member, I was rather mute on topics dealing with educational issues. I did not want people to think that my personal opinion in any way was that of the whole board or the board as a whole. Now that my term is over and I am back to being… Continue reading Common Core and Other Education Issues

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Politics or Education?

If you follow my blog, you may realize that over the past three years I have had some “voice” issues with certain topics due to be an elected board of education member. My term is now done and I know longer feel those restrictions, although there are still certain topics I cannot discuss in public.… Continue reading Politics or Education?

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State of Education in New York

Just a caveat. These are my personal opinions. None of these are the opinions of the board of education of which I am a member.  The month of January has been a very busy month for education in New York State. Three important events have happened. First, a commission appointed by the governor on education… Continue reading State of Education in New York

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How Does Life Experience Translate into Job Skills?

I have been a freelancer for over 13 years now. After leaving a good job for what I thought, and was sold in the interview, was a better job with more flexibility, my family came first and I turned to freelancing to make a living. Sometimes, I miss the constant weekday interaction of a go… Continue reading How Does Life Experience Translate into Job Skills?

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Online Learning

What do you think about online learning? Colleges have been utilizing online resources for years. Many are better known for their online courses than their brick and mortar location. Some of the most prestigious universities in the country, such as Stanford, allow people to take any course online for free (no degree). I’ve taken online… Continue reading Online Learning

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January Regents a Thing of the Past

Back during the making of the New York State budget, the Board of Regents requested $15 million dollars to develop and administer NYS Regents.  A regents is a test that is given in high school, statewide, at the same time and day everywhere in the state.  These tests include a Global History regents (given at… Continue reading January Regents a Thing of the Past

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Education Funding

Please realize these thoughts are mine and mine alone.  They do not reflect the feelings of the school district my child attends and of which I am a member of the board of education. Friday morning a group of unsuspecting folks on Twitter were discussing educational reform. I think this is fantastic as I find… Continue reading Education Funding

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Kindergarten Conundrum

As usual, I was surfing the web and reading some of the major newspapers of the country.  I like knowing what is going on in the New York Times and The Washington Post as well as several others that are in the Midwest and the West.  Sometimes I miss something but, in that case, a… Continue reading Kindergarten Conundrum

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Teaching to the Test

There has always been debate within many communities that linking teacher pay to student assessments – generally speaking, standardized tests – is a flawed assessment for the teacher.  I am beginning to truly believe this to be the case. NYS recently released state math assessment scores for grades 3-8.  While NYS implemented statewide assessments in… Continue reading Teaching to the Test