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Gown-Town Relations

It seems like I have been a part of gown-town relations since I left for college in the late 70’s.  I think my first real taste of the conflict was during the Winter Olympics of 1980.  Towns people in the Adirondacks thought there would be many, many jobs for the locals.  They were upset when… Continue reading Gown-Town Relations

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Just What is “Reality” TV?

Okay, I know you probably think I am dumb but… Just what is reality TV?  I have never watched Survivor or American Idol.  I will admit to seeing maybe three minutes of one of them as I am getting to my preferred show on those evenings but I never really watch. I am, though, enamored… Continue reading Just What is “Reality” TV?

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More College Athletics Grief

Well, today the news is not out of Niagara Falls.  It is not one team beating up another team’s players.  It is in Colorado and is teammate against teammate. A lot of this goes back to what we teach our children when they start playing sports.  Teenagers, those at least high school aged in most… Continue reading More College Athletics Grief

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How do you teach teens that working within the system can change things?

When did teenagers, especially those of voting age, become so cynical?  How can we, as responsible adults, teach them that working within the system can bring about change when it rarely does in their world? Case in point, the Niagara University athletic department has made national, not just regional, headlines recently.  Four members of the… Continue reading How do you teach teens that working within the system can change things?