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Teen Identity

I was at a high school varsity soccer game the other day.  I happened to not have a child playing and was talking to another friend there without a child on the pitch. We got to talking about the adjustment to college.  Eventually, we were talking about the adjustment from being the “big star” in… Continue reading Teen Identity

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Dorm Rooms Make News

Okay, so I have seen more dorm rooms in the last four years than your average 40-something, but I was shocked to find out that dorms are making the news. and are both headlining articles about the extreme cost of living in a dorm. I could not believe my eyes as I was… Continue reading Dorm Rooms Make News

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All I Can Say is…Wow!

All I can say is wow!  Not only do they expect “teenagers” to arrive at school in perfect shape, they also expect those first year students to adjust perfectly. First there was the May mailing of the summer workout plan.  It was laid out perfectly.  It made sense and included a nutritional plan also.  It… Continue reading All I Can Say is…Wow!