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John Edwards

 Well, I should start off by saying that I do believe it is way too early to be talking 2008 presidential primaries. Unfortunately, the reasonings behind today’s announcement by John Edwards all ring true so I will not hold the stretching out of the presidential election process against him.

I am truly psyched! I have to start with my first presidential election. I turned 18 in 1979. I voted in the 1980 election. I am big on voting. If you don’t do it, you have no voice. You wouldn’t let someone tell you you were not allowed to speak so don’t let your vote be taken either. For the first20 years that I voted for president, I voted for the third party candidate. I remember filling out my first absentee ballot for John Anderson.

I don’t think it was until the 2000 election that I finally voted for a main party candidate. I really connected with Al Gore on environmental issues but that was about it. But in 2004, it was voting for the lesser of the evils. I didn’t think John Kerry was the right person for the job but I thought four more years of George W Bush was worse. There were really no options on the ticket.

Now I am excited. I am ready to work on a campaign again! I stuffed envelopes as an 11 year old for George McGovern. John Edwards thrills me as an option to lead this country. He knows what the country is truly like. He has seen both worlds unlike most political candidates who just talk about two worlds. He knows that it is going to take the average person buying into his campaign and his issues to move him. He also, I believe, knows he is up against some big guns in the Democratic primary.

I cannot wait until NY is a state where he is looking for people. I am waiting to sign up!

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