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 So what is it about a new year that makes people want to set resolutions? Does the average resolution setter realize there is more to reaching a goal than just setting a resolution? What are the steps necessary to reach that resolution?

Okay – say that the resolution is to lose weight in the new year – no, not one of mine as I like to set aspirations – things to aspire to with goals along side to help me reach them. Does saying you want to lose weight help in any way the actual lose of weight? Not likely. Usually, you need to have new eating habits, new exercise habits. These items need specifics to go with them. I will menu plan and be sure to drink plenty of water – still vague, I know but slightly better than lose weight. Possibly even mentioning in a resolution how much weight you will lose would be better.

So, do you set New Year’s resolutions? If not, do you set something else? And more important, how do you hold yourself accountable for what you want to achieve?

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