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 I know that this topic has been a big one for me this month – or maybe it is just the past few days. I have a friend who is a published author and also a webmistress. I was caught by an article on her web site that I know I have read before but was drawn to re-read again.

Annual goal setting should help reinforce the lessons students learn in elementary, middle and high school along with college. I have seen students who are ranked high in their classes go to college and be totally lost. They do not understand how to set goals and then take the baby steps to reach these goals. This becomes a continual problem because without this skill, how does a student finish a long-term project?

The article on CEO’s OrganizedHome.com is about what we can learn from athletes about goal setting. I had never really thought about it but athletes do know how to set and reach goals. They also, by simple virtue of competition seasons, know how to evaluate each step to a goal – the part that a lot of students never know exists. This article is well worth your time to read.

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