Just my Thoughts

The soundtrack of my blog is by …

 This topic is so odd as I was just completing – or making more complete – my profile on a dating site yesterday. One of the topics was what’s on your playlist?

I don’t know for sure that my soundtrack would ever be listened to by anyone else. It is extremely varied and depends, not only on my mood but also time of day, season of year.

I love Vivaldi’s Four Seasons.

I also would have Diana Krall singing – anything but I particularly like the CDs When I Look in Your Eyes or The Look of Love most of all. I was turned onto Diana Krall by a Canadian friend who picked her out as singing a number on the soundtrack of a movie we were seeing. I can’t remember if it was Random Hearts or the other movie we saw that weekend.

I also would have to have some new Red Hot Chili Peppers from Stadium Arcadium. This is one of my favorite CDs currently.

I think I would round the soundtrack out with:

Celine Dion singing Falling Into You
Trace Adkin’s Ladies Love Country Boys
Martina McBride’s Blessed

I have always been a bit odd but there you go – a weird but definitely me soundtrack.

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