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A July Summer Weekend

Last weekend’s weather cooperated to make for a postcard perfect weekend in Upstate New York. Major races were held all over the place – Utica, Geneva, Binghamton – and a local festival took front and center from Friday until Sunday. JulyFest, in its 53rd year, takes place in downtown Binghamton. In conjunction with the festival… Continue reading A July Summer Weekend

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Tuba Christmas

I just came from the mall.  I know, the Saturday before Christmas and only five days out, what was I thinking?  I was thinking Tuba Christmas! Tuba Christmas as conceived in 1974 and takes place around the world.  This year there are over 200 locations taking place in Tuba Christmas.  Today, December 20th, there were… Continue reading Tuba Christmas

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Twas the Weekend before Christmas

Yes, today is going to be a blogfest. I evidently have kept too much inside as I have all these thoughts waiting to burst from my mind. This weekend is a huge weekend for holiday musical events in my area. If you live near Binghamton, New York, please attend at least one of these events.… Continue reading Twas the Weekend before Christmas

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Night of Jazz

It’s an annual event in June. Seems like there are lots of them but that explains my earlier post about the May and June calendars and lack of white space. Last night was the Maine-Endwell Music Department’s Night of Jazz. Every year since 2001, this event has taken place in June. The event features a… Continue reading Night of Jazz

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What a Weekend!

Yesterday was the Maine-Endwell Chicken Barbeque. This is the main fundraiser for the Maine-Endwell Music Boosters – a group that supports music in the four schools in the Maine-Endwell school district. Yesterday’s was really interesting. It was the first time I was an officer of the music boosters so I worked a bit more than… Continue reading What a Weekend!

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What was your favorite song of 2006?

I have to say that my favorite song of 2006 is “Not Ready to Make Nice.” In case you were spending last year under a rock, it was sung and written by the Dixie Chicks. The song is a synopsis of the behaviour they endured after Natalie Maines made some comment about GWBush while in… Continue reading What was your favorite song of 2006?

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The soundtrack of my blog is by …

 This topic is so odd as I was just completing – or making more complete – my profile on a dating site yesterday. One of the topics was what’s on your playlist? I don’t know for sure that my soundtrack would ever be listened to by anyone else. It is extremely varied and depends, not… Continue reading The soundtrack of my blog is by …