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What a Weekend!

Yesterday was the Maine-Endwell Chicken Barbeque. This is the main fundraiser for the Maine-Endwell Music Boosters – a group that supports music in the four schools in the Maine-Endwell school district. Yesterday’s was really interesting. It was the first time I was an officer of the music boosters so I worked a bit more than a two hour shift making sno cones or putting dinners together. It was also the first time I have ever been to the event at our high school, as opposed to the town park we normally use.

First, there was the weather issue. We were suppose to get the leftover parts of Tropical Storm Barry. A little before 8 am, I received the call that the decision had been made to move the BBQ inside at our high school. One of the music staff is married to a meteorologist who really didn’t think we should chance the outside event. This was a smart move. Just about the time music started playing – oh, yeah, it is not just food as we have a rotating schedule of performances of school musical groups – the rain came. It included thunder and lightning and high winds. The instruments and performance group would have taken a beating.

Second, there was the set up – which was easier at the high school. We didn’t have to load instruments onto a bus and take them to the park. We only needed to set up the stage and do a few resets throughout the day.

All in all, it was a long day as I was at the high school by 8 am and didn’t get home until 6:45 pm, but very productive. We sold a little over a 1000 half chicken meals which included a half chicken, a roll, cole slaw, baked beans and a drink. There were a few mishaps – missed shifts and such – but it was a major fundraiser and did make a good amount of money for the music programs in our schools.

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