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Music Boosters’ Chicken BBQ

I have said it before – my calendar looks rather inky. I cannot seem to find many spots where there is not something written and the events keep coming. This weekend is one of my favorite events of the year – the annual Music Boosters’ Chicken Barbeque. We are all praying for good weather, though… Continue reading Music Boosters’ Chicken BBQ

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Do books and movies corrupt our view of life?

Yes, as I have said before, I have a profile on an online dating site. I blog there as well as here but here is today’s question or thought. Do books and movies corrupt our view of life? I have a very busy life and very busy weekend. I am actively – probably not as… Continue reading Do books and movies corrupt our view of life?

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Hooray for Memorial Day!

Yes, it is true! Memorial Day weekend is upon us which means so is the unofficial start to the summer season and I can’t wait. First, this is the only weekend all summer that all of my kids will be home. My three oldest are not coming home from college this year – one is… Continue reading Hooray for Memorial Day!

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On the Road Again

My spring road trips have been few and far between for me. Normally, spring consists of trips every weekend. This year, there have been three so far. There was the March trip to Niagara Falls for my daughter’s first honor society induction. This was a quick day trip. There was the weekend trip to New… Continue reading On the Road Again

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I’m Really Not Biased

I know no one could ever tell but I am really not biased. Yes, I did a huge, extremely long blog entry on the first democratic debate and nothing on either of the two republican debates but I swear I can justify. First off, I am a registered democrat. This means I will really only… Continue reading I’m Really Not Biased

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What is it about May and June?

What is it about May and June that they are so busy? My May calendar barely has any white space on it. Thankfully, the one bare spot it had was the Saturday of Memorial Day weekend. This is normally a travel weekend for me. I have spent recent Memorial Day weekends at soccer tournaments in… Continue reading What is it about May and June?