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On the Road Again

My spring road trips have been few and far between for me. Normally, spring consists of trips every weekend. This year, there have been three so far. There was the March trip to Niagara Falls for my daughter’s first honor society induction. This was a quick day trip. There was the weekend trip to New Paltz in April. Then, there was a recent overnight trip back to Niagara Falls for another honor society induction.

This weekend’s road trip is a quick run up Interstate 81 to Syracuse. My oldest is graduating from college this weekend. I am heading out sometime after noon today for today’s portion. I tend to make many trips because I just can’t see staying in Syracuse in a hotel. I will go back and forth. He is not coming home as he has a job and it is in Syracuse.

Next weekend is a Thursday trip to Buffalo and Niagara Falls for picking up college kids for the weekend and then a trip to Norwich for a retirement party for my father and a friend of his on Saturday.

Summer road trips are being planned. Stay tuned!

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