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Hooray for Memorial Day!

Yes, it is true! Memorial Day weekend is upon us which means so is the unofficial start to the summer season and I can’t wait.

First, this is the only weekend all summer that all of my kids will be home. My three oldest are not coming home from college this year – one is taking summer courses, one is working at her school and one graduated and has a real job.

Second, my sister, who really doesn’t live far from me – three hours away in Jersey, is coming to visit for about 24 hours. She swears this is all the time she has to spare. That may or may not be true but we seldom see each other even though she now lives on the east coast. At least when she lived on the west coast, there was an excuse.

Third, I am going to a big bash at the Canasawacta Country Club. Sounds fancy and probably is sort of but not really. My father and a close friend are retiring from volunteer fire service and there is a big party to go with it. This will be great fun!

Fourth, my girlfriend always throws a huge picnic on Memorial Day – along with July 4th and Labor Day. She is out of town this weekend but her dear hubby is throwing the party anyway and we are all invited. What great fun!

What are your plans for the weekend?

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