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My spring dose of ….

… soccer. It use to be that I thought of March Madness as the start of the travel soccer season. That ended this year as my soccer-playing daughter is in college. So today, in what may be promising to be a nice spring day, I get my spring dose of soccer. Susan’s new college team… Continue reading My spring dose of ….

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Detroit Finally Shows Up for a Game

  Okay, I admit. I made dinner – a really good turkey bolognese sauce and whole wheat spaghetti. I drank half of a bottle of Shiraz. I had to pick up my daughter from work at 3. It was annoying to me as I really wanted to watch the San Jose-Detroit hockey game. I went… Continue reading Detroit Finally Shows Up for a Game

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Monthly Visit – Aspirations 2007

I should start with – so much for monthly visits. I haven’t updated my progress on my 2007 aspirations since February. A lot can and has happened since then. Aspirations 2007 (look for monthly goals a bit later, start February) Be proactive in finding new friends and possibly a more than friend interest. I just… Continue reading Monthly Visit – Aspirations 2007

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Finding Men – Oprah Style

  Okay, so it is 6:35 in the morning on a Saturday and I just finished watching yesterday’s Oprah show about finding men over 35. I really don’t know that there was any ground breaking news on this show but a lot of confirmation of things women probably already know. You need to project an… Continue reading Finding Men – Oprah Style

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Political Junkie – or MY Take on Last Night’s Debate

  Debate, you say? What debate? Earlier I did a blog entry on the early political season. I admitted then, or think I did, and admit now that I am a political junkie. Part of that is work – I do contract work for a company that deals with political campaigns; part of it is… Continue reading Political Junkie – or MY Take on Last Night’s Debate

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Let’s All Act Like Adults

I had toyed with a run for board of education again this year. I did run one time before but lost the seat. Now, after having made time to go to the board meeting last evening, I am glad I made the decision to not run. First, at the previous meeting, the superintendent had asked… Continue reading Let’s All Act Like Adults

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I can remember ….

In my innocence, I can remember when the only things we discussed in April were shower, May flowers and Earth Day. I know that this dates me. April has always been a month of new awakenings. Spring comes to its fullest as the snow finally disappears and the robins can be spotted in Upstate NY.… Continue reading I can remember ….

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Will Virginia Tech’s tragedy change the way a nation thinks?

I know that it is truly too soon to tell if the slaughter on the Virginia Tech campus in Blacksburg, Virginia will have enough influence to change the way America thinks about guns, the second amendment and gun control. Worse, I don’t know that any national tragedy has ever permanently change the way the US,… Continue reading Will Virginia Tech’s tragedy change the way a nation thinks?