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The Spring Road Trip Season Begins

For the past ten years or so, my spring road trip season has focused around soccer. Vacations were planned and other items done by the soccer schedule. Now that the soccer player is in college, that is the fall road trip season. This year, my road trip season started yesterday. I took a day trip… Continue reading The Spring Road Trip Season Begins

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Raising Independent Children

While I sometimes curse that my 18 year old is too independent, I think it is important for parents to raise children who know how to live and move without their parents around to tell them how. To that end, the oldest five of my six children – the youngest to some extent also, have… Continue reading Raising Independent Children

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Do I dare tempt fate?

Do I dare tempt fate? I have managed to clear a space in the laundry room – no small feat – and want to bring in from storage the boxes with spring/summer clothing in them and swap out the winter items. What happens when I do this? Unfortunately, history has proven that I end up… Continue reading Do I dare tempt fate?

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My Favorite Concert of the Year

I swear, even if I didn’t have high school students in the music program, I would still go to the annual Prism concert. Our high school music program is rather good. It is the culmination of a long history of good music programs. In a school district with a student population of approximately 2700, the… Continue reading My Favorite Concert of the Year

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Your Vote DOES Matter

Have you ever thought that your vote doesn’t matter? I really thought that the US public got over that in 2000 – after the chad debacle but I was so wrong. My local school district put two proposals in front of the voters yesterday. The presentation of these proposals was flawed from the beginning but… Continue reading Your Vote DOES Matter

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On the Fourth Anniversary…

While I live within a mile of a dual Iraqi-US citizen who felt that getting rid of Saddam Hussein was a good thing, I still speak my thoughts on the matter. After four years, the US still does not understand that you cannot force your form of government on other countries. Not all countries are… Continue reading On the Fourth Anniversary…