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My Favorite Concert of the Year

I swear, even if I didn’t have high school students in the music program, I would still go to the annual Prism concert.

Our high school music program is rather good. It is the culmination of a long history of good music programs. In a school district with a student population of approximately 2700, the music program in grades 3 through 12 has approximately 1100 students in it. Third grade is where string lessons begin and chorus can be begun also.

Tonight, as will be explained at the start, the pieces of the various high school music groups will be spotlighted. As a glass prism refracts the various colors of light, the high school prism concert will refract the individual and small ensembles that make up the larger whole.

Every area of the auditorium will be used. Small ensembles or individuals will be on the stage, in the back, along the aisles. There will be no clapping between performances. Music will go from one to the next to the next group. The performers, whether coming directly from a sports practice or driver education class, will wear all black so as not to distract the audience as they move in the dark from one area of the auditorium to the next.

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