Just my Thoughts

Your Vote DOES Matter

Have you ever thought that your vote doesn’t matter? I really thought that the US public got over that in 2000 – after the chad debacle but I was so wrong.

My local school district put two proposals in front of the voters yesterday. The presentation of these proposals was flawed from the beginning but that is not what brought out record numbers of voters. People were really either definitely for or definitely against this vote.

Proposition one, which was for major renovations to the middle school and high school – two buildings that haven’t had upgrades since being built in the mid-60s, passed by over 400 votes. Proposition two, which was for a new swimming pool – a necessity for PE instruction according to state education law, was a tie. 1252 yes votes, 1252 no votes. No majority. No passage.

Regardless of my opinion on the proposition, one vote would have given the Board of Education and the district administration a clear direction to go in. Your vote would have mattered!

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