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On the Fourth Anniversary…

While I live within a mile of a dual Iraqi-US citizen who felt that getting rid of Saddam Hussein was a good thing, I still speak my thoughts on the matter.

After four years, the US still does not understand that you cannot force your form of government on other countries. Not all countries are meant to be democracies. Not all democracies will run the way ours does.

Four years into the Iraq invasion has brought thousands of US deaths and tens of thousands of US injuries. Four years into the Iraq invasion has brought tens of thousands of Iraqi deaths and hundreds of thousand Iraqi injuries.

The biggest question is has the four years the US has spent in Iraq brough Iraq any closer to a stable government. Has the four years made the Middle East any more stable. The answer to both is no and, to the best of my knowledge, there is no plan that is being presented that will help in either of these areas.

While the majority of US citizens still support the troops, it is time to find a way out. We do not, as a country, need this to become another Vietnam. We do not need the tide turning in public opinion towards those who are simply doing their jobs fighting over there.

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