Just my Thoughts

Spring is coming

Spring is coming. At least, that is what the calendar is telling me. The vernal equinox is on the calendar as being this Wednesday, March 21. The big question is will it actually come to the northeast.

My daughter was home on spring break last week. She was taking pictures on Sunday – the second consecutive day of having to clean at least five inches of snow off the car and probably more. She called it her Christmas snow as we had no snow over her Christmas break. It was 60 and warmer at some point during that break.

I love snow. The snow Friday into Saturday was wonderful. The snow Saturday into Sunday was a skier’s delight. It was airy and fluffy. I would have loved it if it weren’t that the daughter had to be taken back to school. Her ride back called at 7 am. They were going to be about an hour late. They did make it but it was a longer ride than they originally thought.

Here’s to spring, soon … I hope.

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