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Live Blog – NCAA Tourney

Okay, so I am not “the man” in the bar watching four games at a time but it is almost time for the 7:10 pm tip offs and our favorite team is set to go…Go Purple Eagles!!

Unfortunately, I don’t have bar patrons to comment on but comment I will on the games. I am particularly looking at what game is going to be played and the fact that I have to watch Niagara on CBS’s Sportsline. At least I am watching.

Off to get a glass of merlot – I know, not a St Paddy’s drink or a sports fan drink but it is what is here and I am going to be back and blog about roundball.

7:05 pm – Got the game on the laptop. Got the glass of merlot. Am very annoyed by the fact that I am watching the lovely game on the small screen.

7:28 pm – Okay so watching the game on my daughter’s laptop didn’t pan out. Of course, my new Vista OS machine isn’t participating properly either. To this end, my older daughter has her laptop on the game. I have the tv on mute and the IL-VA Tech game on there and am listening to Niagara – Kansas. Did I ever tell you that I think they ought to retire Billy Packer? I have never heard such inane dribble in my life.

7:47 pm – Okay, this is not working too well. I have to get up from my warm recliner to get to the computer to type a blog entry. Niagara is doing all right but not good. IL and VA Tech is probably, much to the chagrin of my daughter who is home from Niagara on spring break, the better game. The first thing the Illinois-Virginia Tech game has going for it is that Billy Packer is in Chicago where Niagara is. The other is, at the moment I turned my back on the tv, it was a closer game. I would take my daughter – yes, she of spring break time – to a sports bar where we could watch both games but the roads are so bad here. We are in the middle of a winter storm.

8:05 pm – The local Niagara student is not happy. Somehow a slight lead for Kansas turned, in five minutes time, to a huge lead. Kansas by 25 at the half. Niagara came out good but seemed to lose its game somewhere. Hopefully, Joe will show all those AD’s at big name schools why he has a winning record at Niagara and why he is a top prospect for other head coaching jobs. Motivation!

8:40 pm – Okay, I am heading off the computer. Niagara is not playing their game. They will not pull it out. I am off to check my bracket. It was in good shape at the end of yesterday. Hopefully, it has survived today.

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