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Your Vote DOES Matter

Have you ever thought that your vote doesn’t matter? I really thought that the US public got over that in 2000 – after the chad debacle but I was so wrong. My local school district put two proposals in front of the voters yesterday. The presentation of these proposals was flawed from the beginning but… Continue reading Your Vote DOES Matter

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On the Fourth Anniversary…

While I live within a mile of a dual Iraqi-US citizen who felt that getting rid of Saddam Hussein was a good thing, I still speak my thoughts on the matter. After four years, the US still does not understand that you cannot force your form of government on other countries. Not all countries are… Continue reading On the Fourth Anniversary…

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Live Blog – NCAA Tourney

Okay, so I am not “the man” in the bar watching four games at a time but it is almost time for the 7:10 pm tip offs and our favorite team is set to go…Go Purple Eagles!! Unfortunately, I don’t have bar patrons to comment on but comment I will on the games. I am… Continue reading Live Blog – NCAA Tourney

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Thank you, U of Dayton

While the Niagara University Purple Eagle men’s basketball team was unhappy to be playing in the play-in game for the NCAA tournament, they did meet up with an unexpected acquaintance. The University of Dayton pep band – who had played for Niagara at NIT events at HSBC Arena several years ago – met up with… Continue reading Thank you, U of Dayton

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Town Interferes in School District Vote

If you have read my blog at all, you will know that the school district I live in is putting up a capital project for a major vote. The vote includes expanding both the middle school and the high school with additional classrooms which will “eat into” current athletic fields. To offset this problem in… Continue reading Town Interferes in School District Vote

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Mountaineers & Orange Make History

MSNsportsNET.com – the official site for WVU Mountaineer sports – has the following quote in an article about WVU being on the bubble to go dancing. According to West Virginia SID Bryan Messerly, only twice in the existence of the Big East Conference has a 20-win team not made the tournament: 20-8 UConn in 1980… Continue reading Mountaineers & Orange Make History