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Town Interferes in School District Vote

If you have read my blog at all, you will know that the school district I live in is putting up a capital project for a major vote. The vote includes expanding both the middle school and the high school with additional classrooms which will “eat into” current athletic fields. To offset this problem in a district where approximately 40% of the students are student-athletes, the district has included in the proposal before voters the purchase of additional land near one of the elementary schools in the district. Previously, the town where the land is located wanted to buy said property but thought the price was too high. The price the school district has negotiated is considerably less than that the town would have paid. I do not know why. I do know that the sellers would like the sale to take place and want to sell the land as soon as possible. If the capital project does not pass, the land will not sell to the school district.

In the town meeting last night, the town passed a – I don’t even know what to call it. The town is campaigning to have the citizens of the town vote down the upgrades to the educational facilities because they want to buy the land. The town supervisor and town board are not paying any attention to what is best for the majority of the taxpayers and for the students of the school district. The town just wants the land. The town doesn’t see that an improved school district will bring additional building to the area. The town doesn’t see that additional building should mean additional tax base. The town doesn’t see the big picture.

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