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Monthly Visit – Aspirations 2007

I should start with – so much for monthly visits. I haven’t updated my progress on my 2007 aspirations since February. A lot can and has happened since then.

Aspirations 2007 (look for monthly goals a bit later, start February)

Be proactive in finding new friends and possibly a more than friend interest. I just am not sure that romantic interest is the right word but maybe it is. I am doing better withthis. I have several new friends that I talk with a lot. I am not exactly being proactive, though.That was then, this is now. I am being slightly more proactive in some ways. I tend to copy my 360 blog to an online dating site when I make entries. I do respond to all the “eye contacts” and messages but I am still a bit hesitant in other ways. When do I stop corresponding and start talking? When do I take something still rather “virtual” – as in we have not met in person – to something “in real life?”

Submit art and get published. I am also, as a way to get published, going to look ahead to the themes major art magazines will have in 2006 so that I may have a creation on hand to submit. I have left this aside. I still haven’t gotten to this either. I did host a swap, though.

Lead Simple Abundance faithfully this year. Be sure to post a starter to each monthly thread. I have done this so far this year, but it is only two months in. I have not looked at this too well. I have started each monthly thread but have not had the time to be involved as I would like.

Be more active as a mod at OrganizedHome.com. Simply by doing the aspiration above better, I am being more active at OH.com. I am not getting into other threads too much, though, and probably should.I missed a huge change at OH. I am going to make myself more available.

Read a total of 30 books this year – including re-reads. I have two books down – the fourth Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants book and just finished yesterday, Meg Cabot’s Size 14 Isn’t Fat Either. I am almost done with another book also. I keep this list on my refrigerator. I am starting my eighth book for the year today – Abraham by Bruce Feiler. I do think that I tend to bunch my reading more into the summer.

Fitness 1 – I will walk 400 miles this year. Nothing big on this count or the two below this. Now that the weather is getting better, I am planning my walking. I tend to plan it around the kids’ schedules but will get much better with this as the good weather rolls on.

Fitness 2 – I will wear my pedometer faithfully. I am always wearing my pedometer now. I still do not keep a good track of daily steps yet, though.

Fitness 3 – I will find an additional – strength – fitness outlet. Nothing big on this front.
Budget 1 – I will pay down my debt. I am working on this slowly. Still.

Budget 2 – I will put at least 10% of my earnings to savings. 10% hasn’t gone into savings but some has. Some unexpected expenses have eaten away at this a bit but I am working on getting back what I needed to expend and putting more there.

I will become adept at utilizing menu planning so as to maximize the money spent on food and the variety in our diets. I haven’t done this well but am utilizing it somewhat. Still working on this item.

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