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February, A Look In The Rearview

As I alluded to yesterday, a post was coming about February and any and all progress I made towards my 2016 goals. While the bullseye has not yet been hit, I am making steady progress in most areas. Fitness I have managed to continue on my 12 month journey to not run any full marathons.… Continue reading February, A Look In The Rearview

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The Emotional Review of 2015

I know y’all are probably sick of hearing about my past year. Let me say, even if every goal had been met, it would have been a pretty sucky year (technical term, you know?). My year started with a mother still alive. She was fighting the battle of her life and did lose it in… Continue reading The Emotional Review of 2015

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Looking Back – Part 2

On Monday, I looked back over my 2015 goals for fitness and for food. They sort of go together, right? Both were giant fails but we need to fail to set more reachable goals. We can all learn from failure and move closer to success in the process. Today, I will go over my goals… Continue reading Looking Back – Part 2

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Hemp Hearts

Disclaimer: I received a free package of Hemp Hearts through my association with Fit Approach. The product came directly from Manitoba Harvest. All opinions are my own. I have to admit my package of hemp hearts from Manitoba Harvest have sat on my kitchen table for too long. I wanted to create something unique with… Continue reading Hemp Hearts

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Reviewing Life – Relationships

You know all about setting goals and reviewing or checking in on them. Do you ever think about relationships the same way? I admit I tend to not take apart relationships while I am in them. I go with whatever is happening. I do, though, go back after a relationship ends and look at all… Continue reading Reviewing Life – Relationships