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A Better Year Coming

Maybe I should take that a week at a time. This Monday was going to be the start of me posting here regularly again. I was going to do a three day recap of my goals for this wonderful year I am still currently in – though my recaps would lead you to believe the… Continue reading A Better Year Coming

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By the Numbers

I realize that my year in review talked about my running last year. Then, I finally got some stats from last year via email from (thanks, guys!). I now can look at this second full year of running and racing from a numbers point of view. Having always been very good at math, I… Continue reading By the Numbers

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Good Bye, 2010!

I started out the morning writing a year in review post that did not involve my running at all.  I realized by the time I was 3/4 of the way done, that was pretty boring and there were just a few highlights from my year.  Some did involve running – mine or someone else’s –… Continue reading Good Bye, 2010!

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2009 in Personal Review

The last year of this decade was a huge one for me personally.  I did not sit down at the end of December 2008, as I normally would, and review the past year and set expectations for the year to come.  I let 2009 roll in and through on its own.  Parts of that were… Continue reading 2009 in Personal Review