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2009 in Personal Review

The last year of this decade was a huge one for me personally.  I did not sit down at the end of December 2008, as I normally would, and review the past year and set expectations for the year to come.  I let 2009 roll in and through on its own.  Parts of that were very good.  Parts of that were not so very good.

I lost my art drive.  I have seen a lot of art but have not created much in 2009.  I took what I thought would be a brief hiatus as I was leaving town to go to my daughter’s college graduation.  When I came back, my life was in full swing here with other things going on.  I kept saying I would get back to my art but never did.

I lost my father this year.  He had health issues.  They had come to light more in the last few months of 2008 and then again in the beginning of 2009.  He did not like or want to face these issues.  I know, through my faith, that he is in a better place now and that his life, had he lived, would not have been what he wanted.  This provides some solace.

I made many new friends this year.  These people may be people around the corner or in town or across the Atlantic Ocean.  Some of these people are ones that I turn to in distress and in happiness.  Some of these people are artists.  Some of these people are like family to me.  If you are someone I did not know in 2008 but do now, please know that I am happy we met.

I rediscovered my life in 2009.  As is often the case with single parents, my life had been my kids’ for many years.  I went out, had friends and did some things that were mine but most things were just for my children.  I found, and how I didn’t realize this sooner, that my children are happier if I am happier.  I found my life in 2009.  I did things for me.

I rediscovered how much I love to write in 2009.  I have written a huge portion of a novel that I will finish up by the end of February.  I have also taken to writing here more frequently.  I have additional poetry that I have written in 2009.  The last poetry I had written before this year was at least six or seven years ago.  The best of my poetry before 2009 had been written in 1999.  Is it a decade cycle?  Let’s hope not.

Had I been asked near the end of December 2009 how I would rank the year, I would have definitely said the good outweighed the bad.  As a matter of fact, I did say so in comments on Little Big Wolf’s “Scoring the Decade:  Your 10 Years in Review…” Then, I turned my year topsy turvy without thinking.

Was 2009 a good year?  I still have to say yes.  The good times, the good friends, the good things that happened by far outweigh the bad.  Unfortunately, the stupidity of me and the bad that happened was close to the end of the year and that is weighing heavy now.

6 thoughts on “2009 in Personal Review

  1. It sounds like it was a very emotional year for you. I hope that you had a wonderful New Years Eve and are feeling optimistic about 2010! I’m ready for the new year! I am so happy we met in this “world” in 2009 and look forward to spending more “time” with you in 2010! Happy New Year!

    1. Truth be told, Becca, I was sound asleep when a friend sent me his time in the Penn State 5K Resolution Run. I slept for ten hours from about 8 til 6. My body needed it due to no sleep the night before at all.

      I am glad we met this year, also, Becca and look forward to reading more of your thoughts in the upcoming year.

      Happy New Year!!

  2. Years shift between “good” and “bad.” I have had many “bad” years, and many “good” years. Changes and heartbreaks. Laughter and joy.

    As for this year? Plenty of good. Babies will do that.

    I hope 2010 comes with an ample supply of good for you! So glad to have met you!

    1. Ambrosia – I am so happy to have met you also! I hope the new year and decade bring you and your family tons of happy moments, joy and laughter!

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