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A Month To Forget

Have you ever looked forward to events and then had life had you not only lemons, but so many lemonade is out of the question? That’s February for me. January was the late start of my training for my mid-March race in Asheville, NC. I managed to get 51 miles in in January. February has… Continue reading A Month To Forget

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Minutes to Live

I am participating in #Trust30 which is an online initiative and 30-day writing challenge that encourages you to look within and trust yourself.  Today’s prompt, on top of being a quote from Ralph Waldo Emerson, is imagining you have 15 minutes to live. 15 minutes?  This type of timeline makes me think of Joplin right now.… Continue reading Minutes to Live

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2009 in Personal Review

The last year of this decade was a huge one for me personally.  I did not sit down at the end of December 2008, as I normally would, and review the past year and set expectations for the year to come.  I let 2009 roll in and through on its own.  Parts of that were… Continue reading 2009 in Personal Review

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Mass of Remembering, Healing and Hope

Most people who know me know that I tend to rely on my faith to help me get through all those trials and tribulations that occur in my life.  I have relied on my faith to get me through the break up of my marriage and through several relationships that I thought would last but… Continue reading Mass of Remembering, Healing and Hope