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A Part-Time, Part Year Job

I love my work at my church. I am the faith formation coordinator. For those of you as old as I am, you might call me the CCD Director or DRE (director of religious education). I organize classes for children from kindergarten to 12th grade. I would love to organize for young adults in college… Continue reading A Part-Time, Part Year Job

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Living in the Mountains

I’ve made it through the beginning of March. With March 1 being the start of Lent, this meant adding an additional part to trying to decide how March will proceed. I think it is going to be a great month.   My oldest was in Nashville last week and stopped by to visit briefly. No,… Continue reading Living in the Mountains

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Yesterday was the first Sunday in Advent. Today I find myself at the laundromat. You’re probably thinking there’s not much in common. Where is this disconnected line of thought going? Waiting. Both Advent and the laundromat have waiting in common. Advent is the beginning of a new liturgical year, the start of the church year.… Continue reading Waiting

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Holy Week is Here

As a Christian, the most important week of the church year is Holy Week. This is the week that falls between Palm Sunday and Easter Sunday. There is celebration as Jesus heads into Jerusalem on Sunday, followed by intense sadness by Friday. True believers all know that the real celebration comes on Sunday when Christ… Continue reading Holy Week is Here

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Tomorrow starts the church season of Lent. Lent is a season for reflection and repentance. It leads up to the most important Christian observance – Easter. People, especially those who do not associate themselves with a church or with faith, tend to think Christmas is the most important church holiday. No! We are an alleluia… Continue reading Pancakes

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I’ve been searching a lot lately. Part of that search has included not writing here very much. What have I been searching for? I’ve been searching for my direction. I always said as soon as my youngest graduated from high school I was out of here. I never thought I would live my life about… Continue reading Searching