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A Long Time

It’s been a long time since I have written without it being a book review. I had a relationship that ended badly and I believed the person to be stalking me online. I didn’t want to put my personal life out there if that was truly happening. I also decided I was truly going to move. This was all more than five years ago. I still think that previous guy I dated is keeping an eye on here but I have decided screw you basically. I love to get my thoughts out and the upcoming time is going to be trying so I have to get my thoughts out some way.

I am beginning the annulment process. I have been told, prior to my meeting yesterday with an advocate, that the process is long. It is tedious. It may bring up things one doesn’t want to acknowledge. And just my initial discussion has done that last one. Actually, I acknowledge what was said and even believe it is probably true but I never had that cross my mind.

A lot of this will be vague. Number one, I think I am suppose to treat this process like a legal proceeding so I should probably talk about it as little as possible in detail. I also know that people who may know my ex-husband and my children, all adults, read this on occasion. I do not want to air someone else’s laundry, whether clean or dirty, to you all.

My non-Catholic fiancé is finding this a huge source of jokes. He did, though, acknowledge that this is painful for me and he does not take for granted my love for him as I am going through this process.

Do you have questions about the annulment process in the Catholic Church? I am not an expert and cannot give advice to anyone going through one but will try answer what the Church teaches about annulment to any questions you all may have.

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