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Living in the Mountains

I’ve made it through the beginning of March. With March 1 being the start of Lent, this meant adding an additional part to trying to decide how March will proceed. I think it is going to be a great month.


My oldest was in Nashville last week and stopped by to visit briefly. No, I do not live near Nashville. I am about 3.5 or 4 hours from there. He was also going to spend the weekend with his best friend, the best man from his wedding who lives in Charlotte. This meant he basically went right past me to get there. He stopped and we had a great couple of hours. He got to check out some of Waynesville’s brewing scene, see the church where I work and meet some of my friends.


Saturday was a beautiful day so I headed to Max Patch. I will write more about this beautiful area later but suffice it to say, the Appalachian Trail crosses this area and I have photos to prove it.

Appalachian Trail Post


I see some major league hiking in my future.


Sunday saw the third meeting of the Youth Group at church. While we get the same numbers every time, these kids really enjoy the down time with friends from church. They also enjoy the activities that Sonia comes up with for them. I am happy to spend my time with these young adults.


Now to get on with this week. I have some church Facebook posts to set up and some work to do but the week will fly by.

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