March – A Lamb or A Lion

March usually comes in like an emotional lion for me. Yesterday would have been my father’s 79th birthday. Probably with that is he died in 2009. Tomorrow will be the 8th anniversary of his death. I just sometimes wonder how I make it through these few days.

My father and I were not particularly close. We had a fairly normal relationship but eventually, as an adult, we became closer. I felt letting my children know their grandparents was a very important part of their lives and therefore my life. Children tend to draw parents closer to their adult children but I am sure that is a topic for another day.

Clouds as I head to Asheville

So yesterday’s stormy weather in North Carolina fit my mood perfectly. I was that cloud ridden sky. I was that not quite sure how the rest of the month would go. I managed to get through the day and will get through tomorrow also. Tomorrow will be a great day as my oldest is visiting and I have plans to go out tomorrow night.

I am hoping to write more frequently during March. Look for all kinds of information from races that are coming up to book reviews to information about Lent.

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