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March, Lions, Lambs and Spring

It’s getting upon the end of March. We are past the Ides and St Patrick’s Day so I figure getting on the end is true. The question is what is next.

March, Spring, Lions and Lambs

March came in like a lamb. Days were above or close to the average temperature for the month. I was busy with Confirmation and the day long retreat we hold for the kids. I had to actually look up what the month started out like as I was inside most of the days at the beginning of the month.

Being preoccupied at the beginning of March is always a good thing, especially this year. March first would have been my father’s 81st birthday and March third was the tenth anniversary of his death. Those days are hard for me still, even though my father and I were not particularly close.

Lately, especially if I were still living in upstate NY, I would say we were having ideal weather. It is warming during the days and cold overnight. This makes the sap run in the trees. It is what you want when you are tapping maple trees to get sap to make maple syrup.

A Madness in the Air

There is a madness in the air, also. I have a bracket filled out and didn’t do horribly in the first day of the NCAA tournament. I had some losses but that is because I am sucker for the underdog. I also love a Cinderella story.

Add to this the madness that is a church employee planning for Easter. And by Easter, I mean the time leading up to Easter as well. Holy Week is a huge planning effort. Then, there is the Easter Vigil and Easter Sunday masses. Add in an Easter egg hunt.

What’s on Your Plate?

What do you have going on in your life?

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