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A Month To Forget

Have you ever looked forward to events and then had life had you not only lemons, but so many lemonade is out of the question? That’s February for me.

January was the late start of my training for my mid-March race in Asheville, NC. I managed to get 51 miles in in January. February has been brutal for training, though.

First, I had a relationship end. I had really thought this one was “the one” but was evidently mistaken. With the end to this relationship came the realization that I had tickets for two to an event that I was not going to miss. I took my 24 year old son with me instead. Not quite the Chocolate, Beer and Wine event I was hoping for when the tickets were bought but still a good time.

Then came February weather. I will run inside when it is necessary but dislike it. Top that with the bone chilling tiredness that comes from constantly shoveling, and sometimes in negative 20 degree wind chills, and this month’s training miles are going to be negligible. I think I may have walked more miles in February – especially pushing a shovel – than I have run. I know for a fact that one week I walked twice as much as I ran and all those walking miles were with a shovel.

Then, the hardest hit of all. My mother died last week. While not totally unexpected, I had spoken to her just the day before and all seemed as well as expected. Then, came the call. I feel like the past week I have been spiraling into a non-running life. I have decided Mom would not want that and swear I am getting back on track. Today will be indoors but the weekend should hold warmer temperatures and the chance to get outside and run.

Have you ever just wanted to right off an entire month?

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