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Reviewing Life – Relationships

You know all about setting goals and reviewing or checking in on them. Do you ever think about relationships the same way? I admit I tend to not take apart relationships while I am in them. I go with whatever is happening. I do, though, go back after a relationship ends and look at all… Continue reading Reviewing Life – Relationships

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A Month To Forget

Have you ever looked forward to events and then had life had you not only lemons, but so many lemonade is out of the question? That’s February for me. January was the late start of my training for my mid-March race in Asheville, NC. I managed to get 51 miles in in January. February has… Continue reading A Month To Forget

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Relationships and Communication

I don’t know about you but honesty is at the top of my relationship must-have list. I want to be able to live my life honestly and talk about it with that special someone. At times, honesty can be blunt and may hurt a little but it is, after all, the best policy, right? Honesty… Continue reading Relationships and Communication

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What Do You Want in Life?

I have been reading a lot of blogs lately where the entries are based around what the writer wants from life.  Most of these have to do with relationships and they have all got me thinking.  What do I want from life? This is not a new question to me.  My life has changed and… Continue reading What Do You Want in Life?