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Good Bye, 2010!

I started out the morning writing a year in review post that did not involve my running at all.  I realized by the time I was 3/4 of the way done, that was pretty boring and there were just a few highlights from my year.  Some did involve running – mine or someone else’s – and some did not.


I have managed to keep in somewhat touch with friends from high school that I reconnected with in 2009.  While a solid group of us started getting together every month, that dissipated in 2010 but we did see each other now and then.  I am truly hoping we can get back that once a month groove in 2011.


I am an elected official in the state of New York.  I went through the process, ran for and was elected to the Maine-Endwell Central School District’s board of education.  While this is not a big office, it is one that deals with two things I know a bit about – children and education.  I am enjoying my time on the board so far and will serve my three year term with pride.


I did my civic duty in 2010.  I spent a month, from the end of April until the end of May, as a member of a seated grand jury.  This duty did not involve every day at a courthouse but did involve being on call for two days a week for the three weeks after the initial week.  I was floored by the number of people I knew in the initial pool of jurors since the constant mantra was how diverse the jury pool now is.


I realized, as I was compiling and writing the post you will most likely never see, that regardless of how much I am looking forward to an empty nest in the near future (a couple years still), I am as much a mother now as I have ever been.  My months evolved around activities for my kids, whether high school plays, Confirmation, band concerts, college athletic competitions or school open houses.


2010 was a good year overall.  Here is to an even better, more balanced 2011.

One thought on “Good Bye, 2010!

  1. I can truly relate to some of what you are saying here, as you assess the year that has passed, and look to the future. In particular (though I have 1/3 the parenting duties you have!) – I, too, realize that I look forward to empty nest, but also, there isn’t a day that goes by that doesn’t revolve around my parenting role, and ironically, this past year even more than the year before.

    It’s great to be needed and to be valued; at the same time, the thought of a bit more wiggle room to be a “self” rather than a full-time mother and then a “self” – it has a bit of appeal.

    Happy 2011! (And may that empty nest come slowly nonetheless… )


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