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2011 Race Schedule

So I know that most people list “resolutions” at the beginning of a new year.  I have already told you all where I stand on the word resolution.  I will say that some of my 2011 goals – which are in rough form at the moment but will be here soon – involve running.  I can’t imagine my life without running.  To that end, here is my 2011 race schedule to date.

Before I let you see the race plans, let me say I intend to run two marathons, four to five half marathons (five if I have issues and only run one marathon), a hand full of 5Ks and some other races that I just really loved last year.  I am planning on topping out at 1600 miles for the year.

January 2011:   The January Freeze Series hosted by the Triple Cities Runners’ Club will be my only January races.  I am not driving to Cazenovia for the Chili Chilly this year.  I am planning on running at least one, and hopefully more than one, of these 10K races at Otsiningo Park.  I also intend – for me, the girl who swore she would never run a race – to join TCRC this year.

February 2011:  My first marathon is slated for February 19th.  This is a family trip to Myrtle Beach.  Hotel room is booked.  Kids are looking forward to the trip.  Youngest thinks he will bike the day after the marathon, just not sure how far as he doesn’t want to do the 100K ride without someone else doing it with him (don’t even think of looking at me!).

March 2011:  I am going for two races in March. I am going to run the St. Patrick’s 4 miler on March 12th in Binghamton and then travel to Rock Hill for the Celebrate Life Half Marathon.  This is a beautiful race and I fully intend to be there.  There is an outside possibility I will run the Chenango Fork XV at the end of the month but not totally sure on that race yet.

April 2011:  I am running the Skunk Cabbage Half Marathon in Ithaca on April 10th.

May 2011: I am running the Mountain Goat 10 miler the first Sunday of the month.  I am hoping that it is slightly less warm – it was 80 plus at the finish last year – than last year.  I am running the inaugural Binghamton Bridge Run Half Marathon on May 15th.

June 2011:  I am running the Vestal XX on June 18th.  I am also intending to do the Red Dress Run at the end of the month. The Red Dress Run is a 5K and is held on a weeknight.

July 2011:  I am running the Boilermaker in Utica again.  I loved this race last year, even though it freaked me out to take eight minutes to reach the start line as there were so many people registered and running the race.  I am also hoping Jeanne is putting together a 5K to benefit the Newark Valley High School cross country team.  While I am not a grass runner, I had a blast at this run.

August 2011:  My friend Chris is trying to convince me to participate in the Cayuga Lake Triathlon.  I am not totally sure about this but it is August 7th.  On the running front, I am looking at the Turning Stone half marathon on August 21st.  Last year I did the Catharine Valley Half  which was a trail run sort of.  While it was nice, Turning Stone is just a couple hours away and will help me in reaching my goal of four half marathons this year.

September 2011:  I would love to head to Delaware to run in the Dogfish Dash which is a 10K but I am hoping to run a second marathon in October so will run the Ithaca 5&10 again this month.  This will be a birthday run for me this year.  Can’t think of a better way to turn 50.

October 2011:  I learned a lesson last year when I didn’t register in time to run the Wineglass Marathon that I need to plan ahead.  Unfortunately, I am now torn.  I will run either Wineglass at the beginning of October or will run the inaugural Empire marathon in Syracuse mid-October.  I do have to take into consideration that this is my son’s senior year in high school which may come into which weekend is better for me to be running a marathon.

November 2011:  I will run the Turkey Trot 8K that TCRC has as it benefits the scholarship program they have.  Last year’s Turkey Trot allowed TCRC to give out four $1000 scholarships this year.

December 2011: Again, I will register for the It’s a Wonderful Run 5K.   Hopefully, I will not feel like crap and not go to the race.  I will also run the Y’s Resolution Run at the end of the month as that was fantastic!

10 thoughts on “2011 Race Schedule

  1. I need to sit down, look at my calendar and maybe join you for a few races….Binghamton is really not that far from me.

    The one I am running for sure is the Live Like Liz 5k on June 5th, which helps support the Elizabeth Amisano Ovarian Cancer Education Fund. I’m also thinking of doing the Red Baron Half in November. eek!!!

    1. Maybe I can make it over for the 5K in June. I thought about the Red Baron this past year but didn’t run it.

    1. Thanks, Lam. It’s my youngest’s senior year come September so all bets are off on keeping the plans once that starts. 🙂

  2. What an impressive race schedule. I looked at Turning Stone also because it looks like a gorgeous place, but not yet sure. Good luck with training.

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