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Cyber Monday

Use to be, back in the good ol’ days, that Black Friday was the only big shopping day around the winter holidays.  Now, those who have a web site are all psyched about Cyber Monday.  Many big box stores are running Cyber Monday specials that you cannot necessarily get at their brick and mortar locations.… Continue reading Cyber Monday

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Yesterday, I awoke and made some cookies for a friend at church.  I looked around my home to find where I had stashed the Advent wreath from last year’s clean up after the holidays.  I, then, came to my blog to attach two pages back to the blog.  Both of these pages had been private… Continue reading Advent

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Does Anyone Take Pride …

… in what they make anymore?  I know just where did this come from is what you are all thinking.  No, nothing broke here as I was trying to create a memorable Thanksgiving dinner for my kids and extended family.  No, the artificial tree did not not go to together right after almost ten years.… Continue reading Does Anyone Take Pride …

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Cranberry Sauce

While my children are huge fans of that gelatinous mess that comes out of a can and looks nothing like cranberries – other than the color, of course, I prefer my cranberries fresh and cooked by me.  Because I am all about getting the cooking done as far in advance as I can of the holiday –… Continue reading Cranberry Sauce

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Make Ahead Mashed Potatoes

Make ahead mashed potatoes are a staple on my holiday tables.  My children love potatoes and this recipe means I do not have to be making the potatoes the day of the big event.  I will admit I sometimes have issues getting them in the oven for reheating in time but this year, that will… Continue reading Make Ahead Mashed Potatoes

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Faith is Not …

I am just now reading Ronna Detrick‘s e-newsletter and, as always, she has me thinking.  She has me thinking about faith and what it is and, definitely more importantly, what it is not.   Faith is not going to church or worship every week.  This act may be inspired by your faith in a higher… Continue reading Faith is Not …