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By the Numbers

I realize that my year in review talked about my running last year. Then, I finally got some stats from last year via email from (thanks, guys!). I now can look at this second full year of running and racing from a numbers point of view. Having always been very good at math, I like numbers.

I had 334 workouts last year. This included race days. Now, I did have several days where I would have two or three workouts. I know that sounds crazy but prior to my February marathon, I was swimming three mornings a week and going to kickboxing three mornings a week. Those workouts did not deter me from running on two of those days each week, at least. That basically means if I had one workout a day, I only took off one month the entire year. Since I had my first running injury this past year, I know that I did take off more than one month of rest but those double and triple workout days helped.

Strangely enough, January and August were my biggest mileage months. Both were in the 160’s. Neither were as high as August of 2010 when I hit 194 miles. I am unsure why this year seemed to be less miles in those big months. January of 2011 was cold and snowing but was the last big month prior to my first marathon so I got those miles in. I did some of it inside but the majority of it was outside. August of 2011 included a 5K race and two half marathons ten days apart. All three races were personal records.

The other odd thing for me to look at is that I had three months that were under 100 miles. I do not know why I trailed off at the end of the year. Maybe I was finally tired. Maybe I was just realizing I needed to let the muscles recover. I don’t know but I am hoping to not see that again.

I ended 2011 with 1331 miles on my legs. I had started the year with the goal of running a race a month. While I did not run a race each month, I did run 13 race throughout the year with August being the biggest racing month with three races covering 29.3 miles. My secondary goal was to reach 1500 miles. It took three years of having 1000 miles as a goal to reach it so to come within 169 miles of the 1500 mile goal on the first try is good for me. Had those last three months hit 100 miles, it is possible I would have hit that goal.

Off to make my 2012 goals!

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