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Get Lighter!

Get lighter!! This is the motto for 2012…lighter, lighter, lighter. We can all do it. And, it will apply to all different parts of our lives. See my goals for this new year.


Lose 25 pounds.

My son is getting married in August so ultimately, I would love to have this goal achieved by the end of August but taking all 12 months is probably best. As I have written about many times, I have lost approximately 60 pounds to date. In October of 2010, I came within 8 pounds of my goal weight but I have put a little back on so if I lose 25 pounds, I will be at approximately the middle of “healthy” weight for my height and body/frame size.

Run at least one race a month February through December.

Truly, the possibility exists that I will run a race a month including January but I am not totally into the January race potential. I do believe, whether I include January or not, I will run 15 races in 2012. The tentative race list is coming any day now.

Home/Living Arrangements

New Living Room Furniture

I cannot tell you the last time I had new living room furniture. I will not be buying brand new this year. I will, though, get slip covers for the love seat and the oversized chair. It is possible I may add one new piece to the seating furniture. I may also add a new television but that is far off and may be an addition at the end of the year as I first need to get a few other things off the list.


Declutter all surfaces and the floor of my bedroom. Get rid of things that are not being used. See if it is possible to keep all the Clean Eating magazines in the bookcase as they are truly cookbooks. Try to giveaway the stamping magazines that are not wanted to keep.


Declutter the garage. Keep only those things that are usable now. Get rid of all baby clothing except those few outfits with sentimental meaning. Get rid of childhood toys. Sell toy box on Craig’s List.

Bedroom Closet

As part of the lovely farmhouse, my closet is one of the only ones in the house. I have clothing in there that belonged to my ex and need to get rid of those. I also have clothing in there that will never be worn again – hopefully – as it is too big for me. I want to clean it all out and giveaway what I can. If there is something that can be sold, I will do that also.

If you want to get lighter in 2012, please join me by posting how in the comments.

6 thoughts on “Get Lighter!

  1. You will look great for the wedding! We are doing well with our weight loss goals as well. Andy has lost over 30 and I have lost 13 since we got engaged 🙂 And we can’t wait to see you in May for the Buffalo Marathon!!! xoxo

    1. You two are working great on the weight loss. It is truly easier for men than women. Lots of times, with females, a little weight training helps with the weight loss.

  2. I love those ideas–they are all doable, and not overwhelming! I’ll join you! I have 8 lbs left to my weight goal and I hope that running more regularly this year will help take those pounds off. I have a bugger of an office right off my bedroom that has become a catch-all. It’s a mess and is actually in an alcove off my bedroom and has no door, so I have to look at it every time I pass. I want to get rid of the furniture and equipment (an old dinosaur computer) and make it something usable like a reading nook or place for the kids to do homework. I also have a storage closet that has become so cluttered that I can’t get to things I need. I’d like to get rid of the miscellany in that room as well, so that it is functional.

    1. I have a list of electronic recycle dates at home (at Starbucks right now) and will get them to you. I have had a great time recycling old computer and other electronics pieces.

  3. I will join you! I’m currently about 10-12 pounds overweight, but I’d like to lose 20. My problem is that I go through a monthly depression that lasts about 10 days and throws me way off. My doctor prescribed an antidepressant which helps. (I can actually get out of bed and go through the motions of life without tears or death wishes, but going through the motions is the best I can do) I lose a three pounds, gain 2. It’s painfully slow. I am training for a triathalon and my first half marathon and hope that this will make a difference.

  4. Good luck on your tri and your half. I have a half on my calendar – not posted yet – for each month in Feb, Mar, April, and two in August. I also have a 20K in June (almost a half). Hoping to get in two marathons this year, too. My problem is food at the moment. I was doing so well and now seem to have fallen off the healthy eating wagon.

    Slow weight loss – though you may hate the cycle of 3 pounds off, 2 pounds on – is best.

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