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Hey there, New Year!

Who doesn’t love a new slate? A blank page? Okay, people who have a block for writing may not like a blank page but truthfully, there is nothing but possibility in newness. In starting over. In starting again. A new day. A new week. A new year. Of course, those new beginnings are made so… Continue reading Hey there, New Year!

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Goals or Aspirations or Resolutions

In a quick glance, the three words – goals, aspirations, resolutions – may all look and mean the same to you and to me.  This is not the case at all.  If you are sitting around trying to figure out what your resolutions for the New Year are going to be, you are probably setting… Continue reading Goals or Aspirations or Resolutions

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A Quarter Ending

No, I have not taken up reporting my taxes on a quarterly basis.  I am, though, thinking it is time to review any of those goals, or if you use the term, or resolutions that were made back in January.  Without accountability, goals and resolutions and aspirations are just words – but hopefully ones that… Continue reading A Quarter Ending

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One Month Into That New Year

I was checking out a list of blogs I follow over the weekend and happened upon an update of The Wild Mind’s New Year’s Resolutions.  Her measuring and weighing got me to thinking.  I do not bring out the measuring tape ever!  I do weigh myself about once a month and it was time. Back… Continue reading One Month Into That New Year