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Do you make New Year’s resolutions? What is so special, other than the term new year would indicate a fresh slate, about January 1st?

I realize that having a new calendar makes my life seem like I am getting a fresh start. I also realize that tradition dictates that I make resolutions. Yet, as is the case in many areas where I just cannot bring myself to conform, I try to not do the resolution making.

I want to spend the end of December and the beginning of January looking over how the past year went. I want to evaluate and analyze where I could have done things better. I want to see if the goals I set for myself are ones that were achieved.

Here in lies the problem with the typical New Year’s resolutions. People make them. Some may even put them in writing – a definitively good move if you want to actually attempt to keep some of these. Most do not ever think about these resolutions again through the new year.

Do you currently belong to a gym or fitness center? If so, do you avoid it the first couple of weeks of the year so as to avoid the crowd? People go all gung ho and then realize that the resolution they have made is not sustainable.

Another problem is people make New Year’s resolutions that are vague. How many times have you made the resolution to lose weight? Well, drink nothing but water for a day and weigh yourself. Chances are you have lost weight. Resolution achieved. Unfortunately, this type of instant weight loss that will come back once you start eating normally again is most likely not what you meant by a resolution to lose weight. The resolution was not specific enough. Most people do not want to make a resolution like this very specific because then they can face defeat when they do not achieve the resolution.

So, as you put your new 2012 calendar on the wall – unfortunately, mine is already getting quite a mark up for January – think about your resolutions as goals. Make them specific. Make them achievable. Make them small and make many. Write your resolutions down. Break them into achievable chunks and do each part as a step on the way to achieving the bigger resolution.

Have a great 2012!

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