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Somewhat of a Year in Review

2011 was a good year for my running life but not necessarily for my business life. You would think that one part of life would be connected to another. This is not – actually, in my experience, is never – always the case. Or maybe I should say that the areas I want are not always, mostly never, connected. If one part of life is doing well – especially with balance hard to achieve – some other part of life is suffering.

There are some parts of life that are naturally connected. My running does tend to help my body image and my weight control but the eating healthy part has to come into play also. My business life effects other aspects of life such as where I live – I rent, whether I have cable and internet and landline and such. My spiritual balance and fulfillment play into every other part of life that I have. I know what I have been letting my relationship with God lapse or suffer a bit as things start to fall apart.

So back to the good part of 2011. Running… yes, the running part of life is good. Is it perfect? Hell, no. I had my first real injury – other than a fall in 2010 – in 2011. I strained a hamstring and did not run two different races that I wanted to run in May. This caused me to not run a race a month this year. I also had set a second goal – after realizing I was not going to run a race a month – of running 1500 miles in 2011. I failed on that account. You are probably wondering why running is so good, right?

I started running with an evening run group in July. This was spectacular. Different people from different places in their lives all getting together to run in the evening once a week. To find a group that I could run with and enjoy the time and the company made for a great year. When the group ended as the days got shorter and no large race goals were in place, I found motivation lacking. I would still run but not as far.

This change in distance worked out well. I started working on speed. I would do shorter runs and see how fast I could run certain routes. I have run two marathons and have never worked on speed before as I was concentrating on getting the endurance down. Now that I know I have the endurance, I am going to work on the speed of my next marathon.

I ran my first and second marathons in 2011. I do not know what possessed me to want to run marathons. I am unsure why I am running more – if I am as I have not yet signed on the waiver line and parted with my money. The half distance seems to be my favorite distance. I actually ran two half marathons in ten days in August, cutting two minutes off my best time each race. The strange thing was I was not running either race as an actual race. Each was just a part of my overall training for my October marathon.

Even though I have not met goals that I set for my running, I have loved every run and every race this year.

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