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Quarterly Review

April has arrived! I am looking back over all the things I wanted to write about this year at the beginning of the year and realizing I didn’t get many of these writing “projects” done. Now, with a quarter of 2012 behind me, I am going to take a look at how I am moving on my goals for the year. Some of you may call these goals resolutions. If you do, no time like the present to give a look see and find out if you are keeping up with your own expectations.

My goal of running a race a month, with the exception of January, went down the tubes quickly. I did not run a race in February. I picked one out and set about to register. Once I got the time and the money in concert – having both together makes online registration so much easier, doesn’t it? – the inaugural Lake Effect Half had filled its registration. I have to say I am okay with that as the weather that day lived true to the name. Lake effect snow filled the air and the path of the runners. Maybe in 2013. I have made up for that lack of February race by running two in March and have registered for two in May so that will put me on my way to a my total annual goal of 15.

I am eating healthily. Currently, I am down 8 of those 25 I want to take off by my son’s wedding in August. If I get to the remaining 17, great! If not by August, hopefully by December as failure is not a favorite of mine.

I am still working on my decluttering, or getting lighter, in my home. I keep thinking this will happen on its own but we all know that thought process is just wrong. I will have to start concentrating more on this. I am thinking I will make a weekly list on Sundays of what I want to accomplish by the following Saturday. This may make it more reasonable.

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