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Races for 2012

I put together a race schedule back in December. This projection was based on races I have previously run and those that I wanted to try this week. Most were local races but some were in other places and were new to me. Unfortunately, I did not get registered for all of those I wanted to run.

In January, I looked at the 10K Freeze series that Triple Cities Runners’ Club hosts. This is an annual event and consists of 10K races at a local park in Binghamton. Traditionally, the weather is frigid. This year the weather was not so cold but my family, which comes first, was very busy in January. I didn’t have transportation, and public transportation outside of the metro centers is close to non-existent, so I did not run a single 10K. I will say that the one Saturday I had access to a car, the weather caused the club to cancel that day’s 10K.

In February, I looked a 5K with a good friend who is getting back into running. This particular 5K – Cupid’s Chase – is extremely expensive but I was willing to pay the outlandish cost as the charity is a good cause. Unfortunately, it fell on a day that I did not manage to get to the park on time. Mom taxi was in full swing that day and the running around that was needed meant no race. I also was intrigued by a half marathon in Syracuse that is called the Lake Effect Half. I am not sure if the race name is after a running club, as there is a Lake Effect Running Club, or after the normal lake effect snows the area receives. This was an inaugural race and would only register 500 runners. By the time my beginning of the year finances settled enough to register for the race, the registration had closed. In some ways, I missed the bullet on this one as the name – “Lake Effect” – proved true that day.

March started my racing year. Normally, in the upstate New York area, race season is summer and fall. I am racing a lot in the spring this year. March saw two races, both locally. I ran the St Pat’s 4 miler. I started this race with my friend who ran Cupid’s Chase in February. I finished the race in a sprint with a woman I do not know but near the end we had passed each other in leap frog fashion. When she had that final kick, I took after her with my own. The last Sunday of March I ran the Forks XV. This 15K race was just meant to be another training day. The weather was much nicer than last year and regardless of how I ran, I knew I would be happy. I ran the race mostly by myself but saw many running friends I had not seen since winter had started. I also cut eight minutes off my time on this same course last year.

April saw the start of Holy Week. On top of that, I ran the Skunk Cabbage Classic Half Marathon on April Fool’s Day. Another great course best occurred, cutting 13 minutes off my time from last year and 3 minutes off my half marathon best. The remainder of April will be wrapping up my training for my first marathon of the year and working a couple of local 5Ks as I will not race again until May 6th.

May will be forever known as Marathon May in my mind. I have two marathons on my calendar. I am running Pittsburgh on May 6th and Buffalo on May 27th.

June is going to be a very busy month. I will miss one of my favorite races – the Red Dress Run – as it is senior awards night and my youngest is a senior this year. I will, though, run the Vestal XX providing May has not totally taking the run out of my legs. This is a very challenging course so I do not want to run if I am too tired. The month itself will test me as it is graduation month and there will be two graduations – one from BOCES and one from Maine-Endwell. To get a lot of running in will be difficult. I also think that there will be a wedding shower to attend in Buffalo this month so the half I had scoped out at the end of the month, although, also in Buffalo, may not happen.

July was going to be a homecoming month for me, of sorts. I wanted, at least when I first drew up the list, to head back to Utica and run the Boilermaker 15K again this year. Last year, the race closed out at 13,000 registered runners the weekend of the Bridge Run in Binghamton – so mid-May. This year, race organizers added 1,000 more runners and the race sold out 2.5 months earlier than last year. I didn’t register in time. Oh well! There is always next year. To race in July, I have a couple of local 5Ks in mind and maybe a trail race or two (short ones).

August will be half month. In my training for my October marathon, this month will also be high mileage. There is a 5K at the beginning of the month I may run. I generally run it with someone who has been spending the previous summer weeks training for their first 5K. If there is no one who needs my support, I will work the race. I am not a huge fan of 5K races but every now and then, they are fun to run. I have two half marathons on the calendar for this month. They are 10 days apart. One is Tromptown which is an evening race (one of the few I run that start around 6). The other is Catherine Valley. I love both of these races for their scenic views.

September is birthday month so I will see what I want to run. It will also be the highest mileage week of my marathon training so I will be tired. I am planning on running 10 miles in the Ithaca 5 & 10. I am also toying with running the Wineglass Half on the last day of the month. This half may or may not happen as, in my mind, it is rather expensive.

October will be marathon month. I am only planning one, unlike May. I am running the Amica Marathon in Rhode Island. I cannot wait to detail my training and thoughts leading up to this marathon as part of the Rhode Scholar program the marathon has set up.

November is pretty much the end of racing season in upstate New York. There are 5Ks here and there and the ever popular Turkey Trot. I will run the 8K Turkey Trot that TCRC hosts. Love this race!!

December will mark three years since I ran my first race, a 5K in Seneca Falls. I may try to get back to Seneca Falls for this race. I would love to spend a weekend there. Maybe this will be the year.


Pressed for time this morning so will post this and come back later and update with links to races or recaps from previous years. What are you running this year? What are you training for?

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