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January Gone Already

Sometimes it literally feels like time is flying. The first month of 2016 is gone already. And so I have to look back and see if I am still on track with my annual goals or do I need to reassess.


I am totally good on not having run any marathons in January. I did run three races – two 10Ks and a half marathon. I had a monthly total of 127 miles. Of that, 46 was running and 74 was cycling. The rest was walking. While I will need to average 168 miles a month to hit my 2016 goal, I do anticipate more mileage in better weather. I did not embrace strength training like I said I would but I do have 11 more months to get that down.


The wedding plans for my son and the beginning of May are on track. I have the shower invitation in my possession. I already purchased my gift and hauled it back from California. My move to Asheville is also coming along nicely.


I am still awaiting the final papers from the divorce. That will allow me to pay off the one Parent Plus loan. I am not in a good place to be getting money into savings yet but am definitely working on it.



I have been researching a CSA in Asheville. I have seen information on plenty online but want to talk to some friends down there next month before making a final decision. I am definitely going to have to work on getting back on the better eating train. Two weeks of vacation have left  me with an eating out hangover. It ends here.


I have yet to type up my blog goals but one that goes without saying is to get back to posting regularly. I did fairly well in January, posting most weekdays but not all. I will get back to that point.


Still to come this week – a look at my visit to The Living Desert in Palm Desert, California and my trip to the Palm Canyon Theatre in Palm Springs.


Do you remember to check in on your annual goals/resolutions/aspirations? Or are you a make and forget it type person?


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