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February A Curse?

Last year I swore I was so happy February had ended. A lot of change – good and bad – happened in February 2015. Now February 2016 is here and I am hoping to not have a repeat.

As the weather goes, I am thinking we are too warm to have the amount of snow that we had last February. I should not be out shoveling too soon. The next storm through is looking like rain for me.

Feb 2 Storm (so much more snow now) in 2015
Feb 2 Storm (so much more snow now) in 2015

I frequently wonder, though, if the impending thought of Valentine’s Day makes some sabotage relationships they may be in. So much pressure goes onto those in relationships to celebrate love in February. Is that necessary? Why put all that pressure on one day? Why not celebrate love and those you love every day of the year?

I’m looking at February as a cursed month. I am hoping February 2016 will be different, will break the curse.

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