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Looking Back – Part 2

On target or not?
On target or not?

On Monday, I looked back over my 2015 goals for fitness and for food. They sort of go together, right? Both were giant fails but we need to fail to set more reachable goals. We can all learn from failure and move closer to success in the process.

Today, I will go over my goals for finance and for family.


Once again my finances were a huge problem. While I did not get saved any additional money – the year started off good but just didn’t end that way, I have my retirement funds set up and am in the process of paying down some debt that is at a larger interest rate than what I am earning. I have chosen a financial planner and all is well in the almost 55 year old world.

Finance goals for 2015 were a huge fail.



My family goals were very vague, not at all like a goal should be. I have one adult child – 28 – that lives with me. We share a home but we seldom see each other. She uses the upstairs as an apartment and generally is only downstairs for kitchen and bathroom use.

I feel I have been supportive of the children who do not live at home. All of the other five are adults. Two are married; one is engaged; one is living with his girlfriend; one is the quintessential bachelor. I’ve helped when asked with wedding questions/plans. I do not pressure the kids to come home. I usually have four at each major holiday this time of year. I’m okay with that. I realize that those who come from out of the area have to split time between other family members. I am hoping to maybe visit each of them in the upcoming year.

As for my time in California, I spent zero time in California. My mother died before I got back to the desert. I am heading there in January, though.

I do not know if I can really set family goals for 2016. I realize these goals are way to dependent on others to be my goals. Maybe I will set relationship goals. I think I used the term family in 2015 to keep with the F for each category – fitness, food, finance, family.

A final fail on the family goals.

How did you fair on your 2015 goals?  

You can see the first part of my goal review here.


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