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Looking Back

On target or not?

Have you ever noticed that media doesn’t really let us decompress? Those “here is the year that was” shows often start well before Christmas but hit their peaks during the week between Christmas and New Year’s.

2015 was not a great year for me so I am not sure I really want to look back at it. I want to move forward. When I do look back, I see things I am not sure I like particularly.

I am going to take this past year as a transition which is basically what Tara Newman told me as she held a coaching session with me a couple of weeks into the year.

My aspirations/resolutions/goals – I used to love the word aspiration but have settled now on goals – post for 2015 was set into four parts – fitness, food, finances and family. While some areas were a complete bust, others were good. I didn’t really follow any of my goals totally through to fruition.


My fitness goals were slightly hampered by me. I started the year recovering from an injury that had had me taking off two months at the end of 2014.

I did stick with my goal to not run any full marathons. Most of my races were half marathons. I also ran a 15K, walked a 20K and did a couple 10Ks. I did not race as much as I have in the past.

My goal of 1500 miles was a pie in the sky goal. I managed to run 625 miles as of 12/25. I did, though, add 125 miles of walking to that and an additional 356 of cycling which all occurred after mid-July.

I did start out embracing cross training via the BeachBody Rockin’ Body DVDs but eventually let that slack. I will get back to additional things for fitness – pilates, yoga, DVDs.

Basically, fitness was a bust.


My food goals were a bit more ambitious and vague at the same time. I really need to revisit all of them and probably make them goals again.

I did use off and on to keep track of my food. I did not do this regularly.

I did not regularly utilize menu planning but know the reasons why I should and probably will try again in 2016 to make this a habit.

I also did not find a CSA. This may prove to be more difficult since I am planning a move for 2016 but I will find a farmer’s market in my new location.

Another fail in the food arena.


I am going to review my finance and my family goals on Wednesday. Do you review what you set out to do in the new year before setting goals for the next new year?

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