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The Emotional Review of 2015

I know y’all are probably sick of hearing about my past year. Let me say, even if every goal had been met, it would have been a pretty sucky year (technical term, you know?).

Instagram says these are my most liked photos.
Instagram says these are my most liked photos.

My year started with a mother still alive. She was fighting the battle of her life and did lose it in February. By the time March rolled around, I was more than ready to let people know that it was a darn good thing February is a short month because it was not a good one for me.

My manfriend – I have a real problem calling a man of 50+ a boyfriend – broke up with me in February. We did reunite briefly later in the year but in retrospect, this was a good thing. I could not move on in my life without this relationship ending. I was trying way to hard to mold myself to what he wanted and that was not me. It took me a while to see this but it all became clear over Labor Day weekend.

My mother lost her battle with lung cancer in February. She had been battling since, most likely, fall of 2011. When I was in California that year to celebrate her 70th birthday, she was ill but it was diagnosed as all kinds of things before the lung cancer diagnosis came in the spring of 2012. She had chemo and other treatments but it had spread and in May of 2014, the doctor said six months. I spent three month at the end of that year in California. She was not doing great but was living on her own terms under hospice care. I’m glad I got out there and spent that time. I also have a bit of guilt in that I came home in October to run a marathon and didn’t get back out before she died.

I did a coaching call with Tara Newman in January. I still go back and look at the notes I made during that hour (I think but can’t remember) call. The only thing that was not true in that call was that I thought the man I was with was a keeper. I have progressively moved towards the big goal in that call – moving to Asheville! I am not sure I could have really looked at this past year as a transition period without it being pointed out to me. I am slowly decluttering my home and getting the move ready for the first half of 2016. If you are looking for a life coach, a business coach, contact Tara.

I am sure that there are bumps in the road to come. I have wrapped up a lot of loose ends here in Upstate NY this year. I will probably leave some behind that I am not seeing but here’s to a great 2016!!!

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2 thoughts on “The Emotional Review of 2015

  1. Any man that breaks up with you after the death of a parent is no man you want to call friend, or otherwise. I recently lost my father to pancreatic cancer (while my mother was battling with endometrial cancer – hell of a year), and I feel your pain. Sending love and fuzz your way (kitty kisses), and I hope 2016 is a better year for everyone!

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